Play place etiquette

Play place etiquette

Follow the rules for an enjoyable experience.

Fast food play places can be a saving grace on a rainy or stressful day. However, they can also become sources of additional stress and illness. To make the trip to a play place an enjoyable one, it helps to follow some basic rules of play place etiquette.First, if your child has been sick, avoid the play place altogether. It’s hard to have been cooped up in the house for a few days with a sick child and going to a fast food restaurant is an easy outing, but it’s also an opportunity to expose other children to your child’s illness. Make sure all symptoms have disappeared at least 24 hours before taking your child to play.

Supervise your child in the play place as well. Most play places have tables right by the structure so parents can eat and chat while children play. You may not like the noise of the play place and choose to sit in the regular restaurant seating, but you cannot provide proper supervision from there. Even if you trust your child, you know nothing about the other children who are playing at the play place and any one of them could quickly cause a problem for your child.

Even if you are sitting in the play area while your child plays, take some time to go over the rules of the play place with your child. Older children often run and become rambunctious in indoor play areas and this can be dangerous or frustrating for younger child. Read the rules about roughhousing, running and how to properly use the play structures. If there is a special area for younger children to play, don’t be afraid to tell your older children to keep off of it and help the younger kids stay safe.

When your children are healthy, supervised and follow the rules, a visit to a fast food play place can be an inexpensive way to get out of the house for a little bit.