It’s Balance Awareness Week!

It’s Balance Awareness Week!

How many of us wish we had more balance in our lives? I know I sure do, usually on a daily basis. Though coming to terms with the fact that the inbox will always be full, we all need a good night’s sleep, and that our best is “enough” is something that could benefit us all, some balance is always welcome. Try doing these balancing activities this week and see how they make you feel.

Do an 8-8-8 day. Spend 8 hours working, 8 hours living—cooking, playing, cleaning, eating, caring for children, pooping, sneezing, showering, watching TV, reading, whatever you do—and then another 8 just sleeping. See what actually didn’t get done—was it all that important? What could you cut out from your life, knowing that it isn’t that important to begin with? How much more rest could you allow yourself? How much more play time?

Go to bed an hour early every night. If you can’t fit in a whole 8 hours (it’s often hard to do in our household), just go to bed early every night this week and see how you feel. What did you miss? Could you do this more often?

Balance your checkbook. And keep it that way! Here’s a tip I use: highlight items when they clear. This will make it easier to check your transactions.

Balance out this week’s comments. If you find yourself nagging, yelling, or criticizing, be sure to say two nice things for every negative thing you say. Pay attention to your words this week and see if you like what you’re saying.

Do a body balancing activity. Do yoga or tai chi. Ride a bike. Do what one of my friends did recently and make your own hula hoop—or just buy one and play with it. Stand on one foot. Go roller skating, blading, or ice skating. Really live in your body and feel that physical balance—or lack of balance!

Play a balancing game. Run with an item in a spoon in your hand (use an egg, or a small toy or water balloon if you’re opposed to that) and have a relay race with your family. Balance a spoon or coin on your nose, or a book on your head as you walk. Make a human triangle (or victory pyramid), working together to keep it balanced. Try a three-legged race, playing Twister, or any game you can make up together. Teach your children to balance their bodies—and have some fun being silly!