The Art of Making Lunch

The Art of Making Lunch

I love to look at food. I’m now addicted to the Food Network, and am known to grab everyday food items—like frozen pizzas or macaroni and cheese—and spice them up with various fruits, veggies, spices, and whatever I have on hand. I even had some party platters that I made from scratch become “all the rave” at a party I threw for my mother’s 50th birthday—something that I would have never been known for only a year ago. In short, I’m embracing my love of food rather than trying to suppress it, while still making healthy meals. I have Herb from The Next Food Network Star to thank for this new philosophy!

One thing I’m also becoming addicted to is the idea of bento boxes and creating art out of lunch foods. I’ve been subscribing to a bunch of lunch blogs and am just amazed at what some moms are coming up with. While my husband says they have too much time on their hands, I beg to differ. These women are taking pleasure and pride in making food for their loved ones—and most of it isn’t cooked, so that saves time rather than adds it. Also, if this is their creative outlet—much like sketching, doodling, or crafting might be for other parents—all the more power to them, since this is something they get to do daily. Bonus!

If you’re interested in making some artful lunches for yourself and your family, here are some awesome blogs you might want to check out. Feel free to share others you subscribe to in the comment section.

What’s For Lunch at Our House: Shannon comes up with some of the most amazing, creative lunches you’ll ever find. If you head to her website today, for example, you’ll see a football themed Longhorn sandwich for her husband. She comes up with some great snack ideas for her kids, too.

Another Lunch: Melissa’s ideas are nothing short of incredible. Her Little Bunny Foo Foo lunch is the most creative I’ve ever come across. (Can you believe those adorable strawberry mice?!) Her site also happens to be adorable, presented in soft colors and cute characters.

Weelicious: Not only are the recipes on this site creative—they are also delicious. Jazz up some boring peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, for example, with the Weelicious PB&J Panini! The ideas on this site are not always as adorable as the others—and typically involve more cooking—but they’re still perfect for daily use.

Muffin Tin Mom: If serving up meals in bento boxes weren’t cool enough—or if your kids are at home and you don’t need to pack up their lunches—why not serve them in a muffin tin? These ideas, from spelling out kids’ names in cheese to using alphabet themes, are fun, easy, and cute as can be.