10 Alternatives to Fireworks

10 Alternatives to Fireworks

Maybe you don’t approve of fireworks because of their cost, or because of the pollution they cause to the environment. Maybe you hate the loud noises, or simply the related dangers of fireworks. Whatever your reason, it’s perfectly okay to not want to shoot off fireworks. Of course, kids usually get pretty bummed out in such cases, so you might want to have some alternative ideas for celebrating “with a bang.” Here are ten to try.


10. Throw Confetti

But isn’t that just as bad for the environment, you ask? Maybe. You could always throw scrap paper—especially dots from your hole puncher—and then put them in your compost bin. But you could also chop up anything else going in the bin—strawberry stems, fruit rinds, whatever—and toss them in the yard, too. The scent will be wonderful, though it may get messy!


9. Blow Bubbles

This one is a great idea for the youngest kiddos. They will have much more fun chasing after bubbles rather than being scared by loud firecrackers.


8. Use Chalk Paint

Make some gorgeous art with new chalk paint all over your sidewalk. You can make fireworks that don’t fade away—at least, until it rains.


7. Bang on Pots and Pans

Make it just like New Year’s Eve—just make some loud noise with whatever kitchen gear you have on hand.


6. Paint Your Faces

Use nontoxic paint to color your faces red, white, and blue.


5. Put on a Play

Act out your favorite American stories together as a family. Put on a show for the neighbors if you like, or invite friends over to participate.


4. Make Some Homemade Shakers

Fill toilet paper tubes with lentils, beans, beads, or whatever else you have on hand, then cover the ends with paper and tape for instant shakers. Babies will love clear plastic bottle shakers filled (and sealed tightly!) with beads, confetti, pompons, and other bright objects.


3. Blow Up Balloons

Most kids really love balloons. From water balloons to helium balloons, you can create obstacle courses, activities, and fun games in your yard with a single package.


2. Go Glitterific

If your children love glitter, let them get messy for the day by getting up to their elbows in the shiny substance. Make art, use glitter sprinkles in cooking, whatever you like.


1. Yelling Out Loud

What kid wouldn’t love to have the chance to yell at the top of their lungs for the day? Encourage yours to sing patriotic songs (or simply songs they like) as loudly as they wish in order to celebrate the Fourth of July.